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to the World of Franchising

Helping you discover the strongest franchises.

Franchising is a great vehicle to create the lifestyle you desire. Whether it be wealth, control or more freedom and flexibility in your day to day, all of these can be found in the right franchise.

Finding the best franchise for you is critical to your success and too many try to take this task on by themselves. Having a franchise coach is a huge advantage in your franchise journey. You receive 1-on-1 guidance from an industry expert whose primary goal is to set you up for success.


It all starts with a Discovery Call — no cost, no obligation, just solid information about franchising.


I was in the market for a new business opportunity.

One that would supplement my current business as well as fit my own personal requirements. The business had to be something that not only had strong margins, but could be operated remotely and without the need for an excessive investment.


Jason, with his extensive knowledge and experience in franchising as well as his exceptional franchise matching process, was able to match me with a franchise that exceeded expectations. I am very excited to be on my new journey and it all started with a consultation with Jason.


Phil Stoops

Smash My Trash Franchisee (Delaware & South NJ)



Investing in a franchise will most likely be the second biggest investment of your life (besides a house). With over 4000 franchise options in North America, having an industry insider at your side during your investigation will allow you to uncover profitable businesses that you never knew existed. Below are additional benefits to this relationship.

Systematic Approach

The Franchise Guru will take you through a methodical investigation of your franchise options, allowing you to discover unique opportunities that are best suited to you and your skill set.

20+ Years Industry Experience

Having worked in franchise brands for 20+ years, The Guru has in-depth knowledge of the sales processes and types of techniques companies will use to "sell" you a franchise.

Find Financing Options & Franchise Attorney

Gain access to The Guru's network of the best finance partners and franchise attorneys to ensure you are put on the track to success.

Save Money on Franchise Fees

Whether it be negotiating a better deal or finding discounts that franchises offer, The Guru will help you find opportunities to save money — which is always a priority.




Discovery Call

During this 45 minute phone call, we will be identifying your motivators, interests, strengths and past experiences to begin narrowing down the franchise field. This will be done by answering a series of questions that will get you thinking about your future dreams and goals.


Personal Business Model

This will be a written summary of the important traits and characteristics in a business that were discovered during the consultation. It will become your answer key and guide as you research different franchises and determine if they align with your priorities.



Once the Franchise Guru has spent time researching the franchise landscape, you will be presented the best options that match up with your Personal Business Model. You will learn about the different options, how they operate and what makes them a great fit.



After selecting a couple of the franchise options that were presented, you and the Guru will begin investigating each franchise together. This will be done through weekly coaching calls where you will be given insight on how the franchise discovery process works and advice on the types of questions to ask. This will allow you to feel confident in your franchise investment for years to come.


I told Jason nothing about what interested me and sent him out to find some ideas to pitch me for my new business adventure. Not surprisingly and totally without any prompting, one of the first three he pitched me was exactly the industry I was looking at personally - he helped and guided me through the negotiation and I ended up with a package that surprised us both and should lead to another successful path.


I highly recommend Jason and his thoughtful, professional and people first approach.


Craig Burak

Prolift Garage Doors Franchisee (Calgary, AB)




With over 20 years of direct expertise in the franchise industry and having sold hundreds of franchises in different industries, Jason has the knowledge and understanding to help individuals navigate the path to franchise ownership. Having been on the other side of the table he knows what makes a great franchise and that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

His passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams is what fuels his commitment to finding the best fit with everyone he works with. His attention to detail and understanding of the franchise sales process makes him an ideal coach who will have your best interests in mind and help you ask all the right questions while ensuring no stone is left unturned.


When he isn't helping clients find the perfect franchise to fit their goals, he can usually be found spending time with his wife  and two young children Madison and Asher.



All franchises can be broken down into two main categories: retail and service. 



  • Scalable and replicable

  • Financing usually straightforward


  • Possible higher cost to open and operate

Simple Retail

People need it and come to you


Hair Care


Quick Service Restaurant

Sophisticated Retail

You provide a skilled service that people need



Health & Wellness

Signage & Printing



  • Lower initial investment

  • Efficient scalability (as you hire when necessary)


  • Strong sales is essential (you or someone you hire)

  • Brand recognition can be low when starting out

Business to Business (B2B)

Provide outsourced
business solutions



Payroll Service

Drug Testing

Business to Consumer (B2C)

You go to see them at their home


Pool Cleaning

Senior Care




While researching the world of franchising, you've no doubt heard of the benefits of joining a franchise system — whether it be brand recognition, systems to follow, or even lower failure rates. With his 20+ years working in Franchise Development, the Franchise Guru can also give you an in-depth look at the lesser-known benefits.

Here are the top 3 lesser-known benefits of franchising:

Purchasing Power

All businesses require you to spend money on everything from marketing materials, to uniforms, and of course inventory if you are selling a product.

Partnering with a national franchise means you have a whole network of peers buying the same thing from the same place. Good franchise organizations leverage this bulk buying process to get better rates and sometimes even kickbacks for their franchise owners.

Peer-to-Peer Learning/Networking

Most franchises will provide some sort of coaching support from the head office, but the best advice usually comes from your peers that are experiencing the exact same challenges as you, but they have already found the best solution.

National Accounts

Being a part of a network not only increases the awareness of your brand, but it also opens opportunities to work with larger organizations. As franchise organizations grow and develop a national footprint, they will approach other companies for business development opportunities. Having business brought to your doorstep by the head office is a nice advantage to being a part of something bigger.


Book a Discovery Call

No cost, no obligation.
Just solid information about franchising.

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